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Discussion Boards
    986 Forum
            General Discussion group for the 986 Boxster.
    Boxster Racing Board
            Discussion group with lots of racing / performance information.
    Rennlist Forums
            Discussion group for many different Porsche related topics.
    Renntech Forums
            Discussion group for technical Porsche related topics.
    Babblers Board
            Discussion group in Bay Area (California), lots of hacks and info.

Technical Documents on Pilot Sport Cup tires
    PilotCup Porsche Presentation.ppt
    Pilotsport technical.pdf

Personel Boxster Pages
    Trygve's Site
            On track videos from in-car camera and Boxster diary.

Other Sites
    Ultimate Boxster Links
            Various links for Boxster owners.
    Hacks / Projects
            Boxster Hacks @ Boxster Bob's.

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